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One of our epithets is to 'have fun'. Perhaps this explains the diversity of events and activities. Imagine the impossible to then make it possible.

Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.

~ Hunter S. Thompson

Looking For Gamers (LFG) Sydney A family-friendly Expo showcasing board games from major international publishers and local indie developers 2016 - Ongoing
Looking For Gamers (LFG) Canberra A boutique event in Canberra highlighting the best board game releases of the year 2016 - Ongoing
A Pooch Affair A day out for dogs of all shapes and sizes - and their humans 2016 - 2020
Plan Jericho: Melbourne Grand Prix Air Force Exhibition Coordination of impactful interactive STEM based activity, supporting The Creative Element 2019
The O2C Doeberl Cup International Chess Tournament Australia's largest international chess tournament (event organisers) 2008 - 2019
Toy & Game Expo (Sydney) A family extravaganza at Sydney Olympic Park highlighting toys and games from local and international companies  2012 - 2014
Women of Spirit Awards A celebration of women who have made significant contributions to the Canberra community 2007 - 2010
Australian Games Expo Canberra-based event focusing on Euro board games 2010
Big Boys Toys (BBT) Canberra The ultimate playground - A family-friendly weekend event with activities, interactive displays and demonstrations 2015 - 2017
RSPCA ACT Million Paws Walk Fundraising event to combat animal cruelty 2011 - 2014
Floriade's Dogs' Day Out A canine-centric event run inside Floriade 2017 - 2018
Breakfast Brief: Leading Change in the Public Sector

What sort of leader do you want to be? What sort of leadership works well when making change in the public sector?

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority introduced a multidisciplinary team-based approach to regulation and leadership to improve safety outcomes.

Guest presenter Greg Hood. Executive Manager Operations Division, CASA
Mr Hood previously worked for Airservices Australia as Manager Melbourne Air Traffic Control Centre and Manager National Control Towers and Regional Services will provide insights on the challenges, successes and outcomes of leading change in the public sector.
Workshop: Working on Leadership

Understanding ourselves and our preferred behaviours provides a baseline for developing our own leadership.

Work on your leadership through DiSC. Join Steve and Charles for a 90 minute intensive workshop that enables you to:

  • gain awareness of your leadership style,
  • understand the DiSC tool, and
  • establish an action plan for developing your leadership skills.
Presenters Charles Bishop and Steve Rohan-Jones. O2C Solutions – Directors
Breakfast Brief: Ethics and Leadership

Leading Beyond Good Intentions

Organisations are full of well-intentioned people who seek to make a difference in the world. Due to a variety of factors, it is easy for our best intentions to not manifest into the actions or outcomes we desire. Learn from stories about what holds us back, and how you can better align you actions and intentions, both for yourself and your teams.

Guest presenter Benny Callaghan.
Mr Callaghan has a long history in the leadership development and social change space. Prior to April 2012 he was the founding CEO of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and has a longstanding involvement with Outward Bound Australia. He is currently consulting to government and nonprofits around multi-stakeholder approaches to tackling complex social challenges. Benny writes and speaks on ethics, leadership and social change.
Breakfast Brief: Leadership and Change: Challenges and Successes

AIRCDRE Robert Rodgers has been at the forefront of cultural change within the Royal Australian Air Force for over a decade. This includes pioneering the very successful Adaptive Culture program that recognised the need to both adapt the culture and produce a culture that was 'adaptive'.

AIRCDRE Rodgers will also outline where he sees the next major challenges for Air Force with a focus on personnel and culture.

Guest presenter AIRCDRE Robert Rodgers.
Breakfast Brief: The Executive Connection

Building the management partnership between executive assistants and their managers

How many Executive Assistants truly feel like they are living up to their title? How many actually believe they are fully contributing to the successes of their organisation? What can your organisation do about this?

Guest presenter Leanne Shea Langdown. Achieve Beyond
Leanne Shea Langdown an author, blogger, consultant and Mum, and was actively involved in the creation of the EXPAND network for Executive Assistants in the mid 90s. A former Executive Officer with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Leanne brings a wealth of experience to executive support, and building the management team. Leanne has coached and mentored executive assistants, presented at major conferences and recently conducted a performance and capability program for executive assistants within the public sector.
Breakfast Brief: Building a Leadership Culture

Royal Australian Navy Aviation has undergone an extensive period of re-organisation in the aftermath of the 2005 Sea King helicopter accident. 817 Squadron has been at the forefront of this change and rebuilding of an organisational leadership culture. CO 817 Squadron, Commander Paul Moggach, speaks on developing a safety culture, leadership development and leaving a legacy.

Guest presenter Paul Moggach. An experienced leader and Naval Aviator and previous Commanding Officer of 817 Squadron, Royal Australian Navy.
Breakfast Brief: Opportunity out of Adversity

In early 2011 Andy Friend was fired as the head coach of the Brumbies. What most people didn't know was that nine months earlier his wife Kerri had been involved in a mountain biking accident which left her with an Acquired Brain Injury. Kerri and Andy are undertaking 'The Friendly Ride' from Cooktown to Canberra to raise funds for Brain Injury Australia.

Kerri will speak on the changes that have occurred in their lives as a result of a sudden accident and the path to recovery from the injury for both herself and her family.

Guest presenter Kerri Rawlings.
Breakfast Brief: In a World Full of Leaders, is Anyone Following?

Leadership needs leaders and followers. Indeed, Harvard scholar and leadership author Barbara Kellerman suggests that, "Followers are more important to leaders than leaders are to followers." But in their attempts to develop leadership, do organisations support the role of followers as much as they support the role of leaders?

Over the years, Don has posed this question to hundreds of people at leadership conferences and workshops, and to date not one person claims to have undergone any form of formal followership development. Something to think about over breakfast...

Guest presenter Don Lowe. Leadership and Organisational Performance Consultant, Director Humanoeuvre Pty Ltd
Breakfast Brief: Agile Leadership

What do leaders of organisations and teams require to function at high levels in our more complex, ambiguous and often chaotic pace of change?

It is the capacity to find pragmatic solutions to emerging trends, engage the conflicting needs and diversity of stakeholders, develop uniquely appropriate strategies for results, take timely action, and learn from experience. These skills need to be demonstrated through enhanced cognitive and behavioural development in our professional and personal lives.

During breakfast we will explore The Leadership Agility model; a model that identifies five levels of behavioural agility and what each level looks and feels like in four key competencies: context setting; stakeholder; creativity; and self-leadership.

Guest presenter Kevin Wren. Director of Corporate Spirit - focusing on organisational change and its related human experience in corporate and government environments in numerous European, North American and Oceanic countries.
Breakfast Brief: Work is Good for Your Health!

Research shows that work is good for health. In a climate where Australia will be addressing issues such as a skill shortage and an aging workforce, employers need to focus on workers' health in order to maintain productivity and improve health outcomes in our community.

This presentation will concentrate on how we can improve the health outcomes of our staff whether they have compensable or non-compensable conditions or whether they are employed with a pre-existing condition or disability. The presentation will identify approaches based around the themes of "Promote", "Support" and "Restore".

Guest presenter Belinda Johnston. Work Health Advisor in the Comcare Work Health and Safety Group. Occupational Therapist with a Masters of Science (Safety, Health, Environment)
Breakfast Brief: Voyage to Sea

In 2007, O2C were engaged by a unit within a public sector organisation to implement a program to improve employee health, boost wellbeing, reduce stress and improve resilience. During 2008, the team from O2C travelled around Australia to work with the leaders of the organisation and to support them on their voyage of discovery. Together, they delivered activities related to resilience, mental health, emotional intelligence, fun, social networking, secondary leadership team engagement and building functioning workgroups.

Almost 200 people participated in the program. Their achievements were outstanding. An analysis of pre and post course surveys revealed that at the completion of the 14 month program, participants demonstrated:

  • Decreased psychological distress
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased job and non job competency

In these rough economic times, it is great to see that the program had a positive impact on increasing resilience and received overwhelming support and endorsement by the organisation.

Presenters Charles Bishop and Steve Rohan-Jones. O2C Solutions – Directors
Breakfast Brief: Job Motivational Fit

Aligning Motivation to Performance

This seminar develops your personal and corporate skills to survive and thrive in tough times. Receive innovative, Government accredited, practical tips to help you and your team, regardless of size, perform at your highest level.

Guest presenter Dr Benjamin Palmer. Internationally recognised authority on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. Director of Research and Development - Genos.
Breakfast Brief: Building Your Financial and Emotional Fitness

This seminar develops your personal and corporate skills to survive and thrive in tough times. Receive innovative, Government accredited, practical tips to help you and your team, regardless of size, perform at your highest level.

Presented by O2C Solutions and National Financial Fitness
Breakfast Brief: Why Change What Works?

A Conversation with the future; People, the Planet & Finance through your working life.

Guest presenter Doug Mitchell. Civil Engineer, Grad Dip Applied Finance and Investment, Masters of Management
Doug is a triple bottom line productivity specialist, who acts as a trusted advisor to clients in helping prepare their organisation for future People, Planet and Financial implications. Doug assists organisations in defining how and when the changing environment will affect a client's organisation and assists in developing timely and sustainable change strategies to succeed.
Doug's 'People and Financial' skills were enhanced through experiences with establishing the East Timor government, aid work with south west pacific nations and aboriginal health on remote communities. His 'Planet and Financial' aspects have been developed as Project Director of Australia's first Triple (design, construction, fit-out) Five-star (Australian Excellence) Green building that is helping to shape Industry and Government Policies.
Breakfast Brief: Aligning Work and Individual Purpose

Empower yourself, your employees and your children to follow their heart, follow their calling and achieve personal greatness!

Guest presenter Darren Black. Outward Bound Australia – CEO

Darren Black is the CEO of Outward Bound Australia, a not-for-profit educational organisation dedicated to helping people discover, develop and achieve their potential. Outward Bound has its National Base in the ACT and conducts personal development programs nationally for over 5000 people each year.
Darren has served as a Leadership Instructor at Duntroon, served on humanitarian and peacekeeping operations with the United Nations in the Middle-East and since leaving the Army has been a consultant to the Corporate Sector and Government Departments on Leadership and Change Management before joining Outward Bound in 2003.
Darren is passionate about helping people and organisations to see and to achieve their potential.

Breakfast Brief: Leading in Times of Chaos

Modern workplaces strive to impose order, create stability and provide structure to deliver capability.

Not all responses are equally effective, some are even detrimental. During times of turbulence and change whether from external drivers, structural review or downsizing, people look for leadership, purpose and support.

Guest presenter Chris Appleton. Senior Executive - Australian Public Service
Breakfast Brief: Hope is Not a Method

The purpose and strategies for synergy and resilience within your organisation.

Guest presenter Dr Stephen Mugford. B.Sc (Hons) London, Ph.D (Bristol)
Stephen has over 30 years experience as an educator and change management consultant. He is a consistently successful training deliverer, change manager and coach, covering areas such as leadership, emotional intelligence, communications skills, people management and organisational performance.
Breakfast Brief: Job Motivational Fit

Measuring Job Motivational Fit represents many new and exciting possibilities for winning the war for talent, as it enables an appropriate matching of people, roles and work teams within organisations.

Guest presenter Dr Benjamin Palmer. Internationally recognised authority on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. Director of Research and Development - Genos.
Breakfast Brief: Understanding Workplace Anxiety What organisation wouldn't want staff with these qualities?
  • Shows dedicated job commitment
  • Pays strong attention to detail
  • Exhibits a high degree of selflessness
Guest presenter Sue Todd. BA (Psych) ANU, DipEd Monash, MEd (Couns) UC. Registered Psychologist in ACT & NSW. Member of the Australian Psychological Society.